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The job outlook has changed drastically over the last several years. However, there are still some industries that haven’t recovered from the last economic downturn. In fact, some layoffs and downsizing at large, well-known companies are still making recent headlines.

As you look to choose the right career or make a switch to a new one, it’s essential that you take into account what jobs continue to remain stable. One profession that stands out is that of a medical assistant.

Here are some ways you can beat the odds with a medical assistant career:

Have Job Security from Day One

Like most people, you were probably told that getting a 4-year degree was your best path to a secure financial future. Unfortunately, that fact has been tested to its limits since the early 2,000s. About one-third of college-educated workers struggle to find jobs in their field and end up being underemployed or working at a job that doesn’t require a degree. And that statistic is only expected to get higher in the coming years.

One way to beat this odd is to pursue a career that has a positive outlook both now and well into the future. With an aging population, a career in the healthcare industry offers you a lot of potential.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a strong outlook specifically for a medical assistant career. Employment in this sector is predicted to grow 29% through 2029, which is much quicker than the average for other professions.

With such a great outlook, that means that you can practically have job security from day one and leave behind the worry of potentially losing your job in the future.

Take Advantage of Abundant Choices & Advancement Opportunities

In addition to a great outlook, you can also have an abundance of choices with a medical assistant career.

With healthcare needs on the rise, you can have your choice of where to work and the people on your team. Whether it’s a small doctor’s office, a medical clinic, an urgent care facility, or a large hospital, you have many more choices than someone who works in an office stuck behind a desk.

Instead of having your career at a stand-still because no one’s hiring, the growing need for healthcare has also created advancement opportunities in the medical field. Your experience will grow quickly, and that will open up your options for advancement in your career as a medical assistant.

Spend Less Time in School & Start Your Career Sooner

Another way you can beat the current odds is to avoid spending valuable time and money on a career that doesn’t offer you fulfillment or success. As a medical assistant, you can complete your training in a matter of months, which means you can start your career much sooner.

The average college student will spend over $25,000 on their education, and then will struggle to find a well-paid job in their field. Most medical assistant training programs cost a fraction of that amount, and the average starting salary is $32,480.

Not only will you avoid paying off student loans for several years after graduation, but you can start a rewarding career that pays well from the start.

Get Started in a Medical Assistant Career Today

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