medical assistant certification

You may be wondering if it’s worth it to spend money or take out a student loan to obtain medical assistant certification. To be honest, a license or certification isn’t required to get a job as a medical assistant.

But does that mean you should try to work in the field without pursuing training or formal education? Here are some factors to consider if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to spend money to get certified as a medical assistant.

On-the-Job Training vs. Formal Medical Assistant Training

First, let’s look at the need for training as a medical assistant. While it is possible to work as a medical assistant if you don’t have any training, your options are significantly reduced.

Most employers in the medical community will want you to have some training as a medical assistant. Even if you do find a doctor’s office or clinic that allows for on-the-job training, you will still be at a disadvantage than those who do have formal training.

If you decide to work as someone who needs on-the-job training, you should also expect a reduced salary compared to the typical medical assistant. You may even have to do an internship, which would mean that you would have to allow time in your schedule to work at a paying job or have another source of income to cover your living expenses.

By needing to train from the start, you could also miss out on being eligible for other positions available at your place of employment. You’d be starting on the ground floor and would have to work that much harder to be at the same level as someone who’s already received formal training.

When you receive formal medical assistant training, you can have a significantly higher chance of getting hired at the facility of your choice, getting paid a fair salary, and having quick access to advancement opportunities.

Medical Assistant Associate Degree vs. Medical Assistant Certification Programs

A medical assistant associates degree takes the average person two years to complete. Not to mention that during that time, you will need to have a way to cover both your tuition and living expenses.

During those two years, you may be able to find work in the medical field. However, as was mentioned above, your options would be limited to finding an employer who would be willing to pay you while you train on the job. This would limit your ability to choose where you want to work and would likely put limits on your salary.

Most medical assistant certification programs only take a few months to complete. That means you can get started in your career much sooner, and in most cases, spend less money on tuition. Once you’ve completed the program and obtained certification, you can have your choice of where you want to work. You’ll also be eligible for an excellent salary as well as have the opportunity to advance in the medical field at a faster rate than someone starting without training.

Get Started with Your Medical Assistant Certification

Don’t settle for a job that’s less than ideal because you don’t have the training or one that doesn’t pay well. Get started as a medical assistant now and enjoy a well-paid salary at the job of your choice in just a few months.

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